About the New City SJ

The New City SJ

Since September I’ve been in university doing my Master’s degree in journalism, so had to take a break from posting regular film reviews. And lately a few bits of bad luck have prevented me from being able to fully invest my time back in this website, but that’s all changed now. (Fingers crossed).

But, I felt that Second City Cinema (as much as I loved that name) wasn’t a name fully able to convey what I wanted to with this website now being used to also fuel a freelance career as a writer. After much deliberation, I ended up with the name City SJ (Steve James, in case you didn’t know) and have opened the website to six different areas: Cinema (for all the film reviews), Library (for book reviews), Editing (for a freelance editing/proofreading service), Publishing (to publish any work I write), Gaming (for game reviews, initially) and Wrestling (for wrestling PPV results and reviews). (Not all of the pages have been fully worked, yet).

Here are all the Facebook pages for these pages if you wish to like any:








And Main will have all the posts published.


Loads more is on its way. So, stay tuned 🙂

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