Let Me Be Your Editor (Service Advert)

For enquiries, or for a free 500-word sample, message me here or at City SJ Editing.


I have self-published a novel (Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree) and I’m currently working on a second (although I’m switching my writer’s name between them so I may just claim it’s another debut novel 🙂 ). But while I love reading and writing, I also love being that guy who corrects grammar and spelling (I was one in a bar with some friends and couldn’t focus on anything because the sign had incorrectly spelled the word ‘your’ on a big poster on their wall). Below are a list of packages I offer as well as a rough price list (it’s a per-word basis at the moment).

Proofreading, 1


The final step before publishing your novel. Proofreading is a glorified spelling and grammar check, not as in-depth as copy editing. This service ensures all the commas are in the right place, that the layout is formatted correctly and makes sure every variation of spelling is consistent throughout.

Copy Editing

If, perhaps, you want a more in-depth look at your work, covering not only spelling and grammar but the flow of the story, too, then a copy edit is for you. This service ensures that the themes of the story are consistent, along with plot points and timelines that could have gotten askew.

Line Editing

If, perhaps, you want a more, more in-depth look, then this service is for you. This will go over the story with a fine tooth comb and make notes on sentences that don’t work, whether your writing style changes, ways of tightening up the dialogue and so much more. This is the most comprehensive look at your work.

Manuscript Evaluation

From the most comprehensive to the least. This package does exactly what it says on the tin: it evaluates your manuscript. Without making any changes to the script, I’ll go through it and produce a 1,000-word (minimum) document highlighting what works, what doesn’t and any errors or inconsistencies throughout.


(All prices are set to a per-word basis. There is a 15% discount for any returning customer. A free sample of 500 words can be provided to every customer to get a feel for my work. Please not: All prices are in British pounds.)

Price Per Word 10,000 Word Cost 50,000 Word Cost 100,000 Word Cost
Manuscript Evaluation £0.0008 £8 £40 £80
Proofread £0.0020 £20 £100 £200
Copy Edit £0.0025 £25 £125 £250
Line Edit £0.0035 £35 £175 £350

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